Strangest Flying Machines

Insane ideas for flying machines have been around since, well before flying machines even existed. 
Experience some of the oddest ideas man has come up with when taking to the skies, from the beginning of the history of flight up until present day.

H-4 Hercules
 Its the Spruce Goose! It only ever flew once, and made it about a mile. Good old crazy tissue box shoe wearing Howard Hughes. Or was that monty burns..
VZ-9 Avrocar
This one was developed in the late 50s as a secret military project. It had some major thrust problems having trouble taking off from the ground even when empty. Cost: $10 million


Northrop M2-F2
The Northrop was built by NASA. Its test pilot lost an eye during a crash. It was never continued in production.
The Leduc
This ramjet was designed in the 40’s to be ‘air-launched’ and made its first flight in april 1949. It resembles a flying submarine or torpedo.
Airbus Beluga
The Beluga was called that because it could hold 10 beluga whales in the top section of the craft (kidding!) Seriously it could carry a fair weight, its use is to carry Airbus parts around the world for assembly on the ground.
The Westland P12
The P12 was designed to protect Britain and ward off the german airforce, however though it was highly manouverable it was never put to use.
NASA Pathfinder
Built by NASA, this ones a remote controlled vehicle used to test solar fuel cells. It goes around 20mph but could reach quite a height due to its lightweight design.
and finally:
Rocketman  (Rocket propelled carbon wings)
This swiss pilot has carbon wings and two jet engines strapped to his back. He has to jump from a moving plane to start, and cut engines and use a regular parachute to land. Pretty awesome stuff.

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